Beeople of all countries - unite!


We, the Beeople of the planet Earth declare that on Earth no bee shall suffer anything. Therefore we protect all flowers, all plants, all animals (whether cosy mammal or strange insect), the sea and our climate. We despise pesticides and all measures that threaten life on our planet.
All members of "We the Beeople" will work for these goals - always!

Beeople United is a project of Aline and Thor.
We want to save bees, and in this sense also protect our nature.

 We buzz together:

Wake up, Beeople of the Earth,
who are still being forced to starve!

Beeople, hear the signals!
To the final skirmish!
Beeople United
fights for Beeoples rights.


Spread the idea!

Spread the idea of "We the Beeople" all over the world. We look forward to hearing from you, your ideas and campaigns.

With humming greetings from Cologne/Germany